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If you are looking for crime scene cleaning, hoarding cleanup, and mold remediation services, get in touch with Bio-Wash. Cleaning up after an accident or hoarding is not as simple and easy as a regular cleaning task. The perfect cleaning process requires special training, high-tech tools, and in-depth knowledge. Mistakes while cleaning can result in health issues like infections, nasal congestion, respirations issues, and others that can ruin a cleaner’s life. The skilled and experienced team of Bio-Wash can offer you a secure and clean space after cleanup.
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Mold Remediation

Mold growth is common in Seattle properties and can lead to lung infections and diseases. Removing mold from your house as soon as possible is very important. Bio-Wash can help you get rid of excessive mold growth. When you hire us, we will be able to clean each corner of the space to ensure that no contaminated remnants or spores escape from the area. Our team takes necessary precautions for rapid mold removal to keep homeowners safe.

Our experienced team uses cutting-edge technology and modern methods to resolve the problem from its roots. Mold removal will also keep your house’s foundation steady and strong and save you from unprecedented problems in the future.

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