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Bio-Wash is a Washington-based cleaning and restoration service provider working in the industry for more than 15 years. Our experts are IIRC-certified, making them experts in dealing with unwanted situations. Bio-Wash can bring life to any distressed house. We offer crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, suicide cleanup, biohazard cleanup, decomposition cleanup, and mold removal services.

Our goal is to provide the best cleaning services for situations that are hard to handle for people. We understand that the death or suicide of your loved one or having a hoarding habit can be extremely stressful for you. Therefore, we try to give you optimal support to help you deal with the situation.

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Mold Remediation Services

Struggling to get rid of mold on your property? Contact Bio-Wash to eliminate mold from your house permanently. Mold can spread to the entire house in a few days. Therefore, it’s crucial to take concrete measures and remove mold as soon as possible.

Bio-Wash has designed practical and tested steps for mold remediation that help us eliminate mold and reduce the risk of mold exposure to our clients. We also guide you to look for the signs of mold exposure in you and your family so that you can get treatment.

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