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Whether it’s a crime scene cleaning, hoarding cleanup, or mold remediation, they require a delicate and sensitive approach. Bio-Wash has 15 years of cleaning experience. As industry specialists, we know the tricks and tips to resorting distressed properties. Bio-Wash is an owner-run and operated company committed to ensuring you and your family are treated with respect, compassion, and dignity.

Our highly experienced and trained team has excellent knowledge of local laws and regulations that help us correctly dispose of things like biohazard chemicals and things at a crime scene. We are also equipped with modern tools and cleaning agents. Bio-Wash also uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the area is safe for living.

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Hoarding Cleanup

At some point, you will need to help your friend or a family member with a severe hoarding habit. Once you communicate your concerns with them, you can contact us for hoarding cleaning services. Our team has compassion and competence to help our clients.

We know how to deal with hoarding cleanups and clutter situations in a professional and caring manner. Whether it’s a garage, single room, entire house, or storage unit, there is no hoarding cleanup task we can’t do. Our experts will make you feel safe to talk to about your clutter or hoarding situation. We talk with empathy and make you comfortable with us. Bio-Wash respects your love and fondness towards your belongings. That’s why we find solutions that satisfy you yet declutter your property.

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